Add comfort and luxury to your bedroom with divan beds!

Divan beds are lighter and easier to transport and assemble than other beds. Divans comes with array of benefits to keep your bedroom tidy, stylish and optimized for storage space. Whether choosing a bed to set up an inspiring your bedroom, guest room or have busy family home and need extra storage space, then look no further than our huge selection of divan that will cater all your needs. We will ensure you find the ideal bed for your rooms with our wider collection from single to king-size divan beds. Because of their gentle neutral tones, which complement any decor, they are suited to any style or home decor.

Single Divan Beds

We at Sleep Affairs, are aware that children can have a lot of possessions such as toys, games, books etc.  A single divan can serve as a convenient storage bed for children because it provides them with a place to stow their belongings while they sleep and makes it simple for them to retrieve everything they need to embark on an adventure when they awake the following morning.

Small Double Divan Beds

Look no further than our compact small double divan bed when furnishing your guest room. They are perfect for both couples and single occupants. Throw in some plush cushions, and you’re prepared to host overnight visitors at any moment. As an alternative, you might place the bed in your kid’s room. We also offer a wider variety of mattresses to choose from. We have selection to select from standard, pocket, memory and get top mattresses. Not only this, but we do also offer great deals in cotton bedsheets, pillows and duvets.

Double Divan & King Size   Bed

Do you yearn for a bigger bed but worry that you won’t have enough room for storage if you go any larger than a double? Double or King size divan bed is comfy to couple with storage. A king-size divan bed could satisfy your demands. The width of a king-size divan is 5 feet, giving you plenty of room to stretch out while you sleep or relax in bed, as well as a lot of room for storage underneath the bed. That’s like having the best of both worlds!


How durable are divan beds?

Divan bed bases typically last ten years or more, which is longer than a mattress that will retain its bounce. This means they can continue to meet your storage and sleeping needs. Divan beds are more than stable because they are made to be sturdy and must adhere to commercial requirements. A double divan bed can be made by combining two single beds. These will provide a cozy and reliable space to share with another person. Just make sure to use two-bed sheets to create the strongest tension possible to hold the mattresses together.

Does a divan bed require a headboard?

If limited space is your main concern, a divan bed can accommodate you. A headboard is optional with a divan base; its use is not necessary. However, we are aware that space isn’t always the most important consideration, so you might want to add some energy to your bed base. To do this, check out our selection of headboards to see what we have that will match your preferred divan bed.